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7650-L20 GC Gas Autosampler

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The Entech 7650-L20 is the only system handling automated injection of Tedlar bags and other gas phase samples using a single inlet robotic autosampler. The 7650-L20 can automate the analysis of up to 16 Tedlar bags, or 24 to 80 Bottle-Vac samplers or MiniCans depending on the size of the canister or Bottles. Canisters and gas sampling Bottle-Vacs can be heated prior to analysis to extend the molecular weight range of recoverable compounds, allowing a reliable way of measuring heavy volatiles or semi-volatiles. The dual loop system simultaneously injects an Internal standard along with the sample or calibration standard to support internal standard calibration methods. A 100% Silonite coated ceramic pathway ensures recovery of difficult compounds, creating the most comprehensive technique available for the quantitative measurement of organic compounds in gas phase samples. The 7650-L20 can automate the injection of gas samples to virtually all GCs by using the model specific communication cables available from Entech.

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