Sampling with MiniCans and Bottle-Vacs

Canisters offer a simple and highly effective means of measuring volatile chemicals in air ranging from PPM to sub-PPB levels.

7650 Canister Autosampler

The 7650 brings the automated analysis of MiniCansTM, Bottle-VacsTM, and even large volume sampling canisters to a whole new level. Drawing upon the benefits of its predecessors, the 7650 is the first canister autosampler to facilitate the analysis of up to twenty, 1 to 1.4L canisters while maintaining samples in a completely closed and isolated […]

7032A Autosampling System

The 7032A Autosampler automates the introduction of up to 21 MiniCans, Bottle-Vacs, or Tedlar® bags into the 7200 for preconcentration. The 7032A is ideal for gas-phase volatiles applications where concentrations are expected to be within 0.2 PPB to 500 PPB. For higher concentrations, a loop injection valve can be installed (7032AQ-L, 7032AB-L) to allow much […]

5400B Thermal Transfer System

The analysis of adsorbent tubes can be a nightmare for analytical laboratories, especially when there is a requirement to get results on 100% of the tubes tested. Instrument problems, unexpected analyte loading outside of the GCMS calibrated range, and cross-contamination make the normal “one-shot” analysis very risky. Even attempting to recover a “split” fraction of […]

A New Approach to Whole Air Sampling using Deactivated Glass Bottles

A New Approach to Whole Air Sampling using Deactivated Glass Bottles