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7032 SL2 AUTOSAMPLER 21 Position Ambient Air Autosampler, SmartLab 2 Electronics. With 21 Quick Connect Fittings. CUSTOMER MUST SPECIFY GC TYPE!

Product Description

An Ideal Solution for Canister and Tedlar® Bag Analysis

The 7032A Autosampler automates the introduction of up to 21 MiniCansTM, Bottle-VacsTM, or Tedlar® bags into the 7200 or 7100A Preconcentrators. The 7032A is ideal for gas-phase volatiles applications where concentrations are expected to fall between 0.5 PPB and 100 PPB. For higher concentrations, a loop injection valve can be installed (7032AQ-L, 7032AB-L) to allow much smaller volumes to be accurately delivered for a wider dynamic range. With the loop injection valve installed, these autosamplers are attached directly to a GC or GCMS without the need for preconcentration when analyzing concentrations exceeding 0.1 PPM.

The 7032Ax-L autosampler provides 21-position loop injection automation for GC or GCMS analysis of 0.02 to >1000 ppm VOCs sampled into Bottle-VacTM samplers or 450mL – 1.4L MiniCansTM. Two versions make it simple to order an autosampler that is configured for either Micro Valves (7032AQ-L) or Tedlar® Bags (7032AB-L). The 7032Ax-L can be attached directly to a GC or GCMS with an optional cryofocuser for maximizing the resolution of light VOCs. An electronic flow controller allows programmable splitting of sample or standards to effectively reduce volumes injected on-column.

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