30P HSP PEN TRAY Manual or SPR Autosampler

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30 Position Tray – Headspace Sorbent Pens. Manual or SPR Autosampler

Product Description

Introducing Entech’s exciting new Sorbent PenTM (Patent pending) technology. The most versatile extraction and sample preconcentration technology available for GC and GCMS. Sorbent Pens combine the features of SPME and classical ¼” adsorbent traps in a design with far more flexibility and enhanced performance. Sorbent PensTM are extremely durable and are designed to perform sampling either in the field or in the laboratory, either actively or via diffusion at atmospheric pressure or under a vacuum. The sorbent pen is then desorbed directly onto the head of a GC column to eliminate losses associated with standard ¼” TD trap desorption systems that must transfer samples through additional traps and lengthy transfer lines prior to delivery onto the GC column. Two versions are available to optimize performance depending on the application. The Micro Sorbent PenTM has an extremely small volume that delivers the sample to the GC column almost instantly, providing splitless injection rates comparable to liquid nitrogen focusing traps, without requiring liquid nitrogen or any other coolant, or the complexity of electronic cooling. The Micro Sorbent PenTM has an extremely wide range of applications, from active or diffusive air sampling, water analysis of volatiles and SVOCs including endocrine disruptors and pharmaceuticals, flavors and taints odors in foods, and static testing of product emissions.

The full-size Sorbent PenTM offers a larger phase loading to efficiently extract more complex samples using vacuum over a time period of 1–48 hours. With Sorbent PensTM, VOCs and SVOCs can be measured in waste water, breath condensate, alcoholic beverages, and a wide variety of different matrices. The opportunity to use either Sorbent PensTM or Micro-Sorbent PensTM under vacuum offers a tremendous advantage over SPME, Dynamic Headspace, and other extraction techniques that perform extractions at atmospheric pressure where diffusion rates are much slower. Sorbent PensTM perform sample enrichment offline from a GCMS, allowing 30–90 or more samples to extract simultaneously. This approach allows high throughputs overall (30–70 samples a day), while still allowing long extraction times to allow full equilibrium between the sample and the Sorbent PenTM. In some applications, complete extraction of target compounds into the Sorbent PenTM is possible for the ultimate in sensitivity and reproducibility. The low cost Sorbent Pen Desorption unit (SPDU) makes this exciting new technique both affordable and practical for virtually any laboratory’s budget. Then move up to 90 sample automation using the 7800 Autosampler for the ultimate in laboratory productivity. Join the Sorbent PenTM movement and take advantage of the next generation in GCMS sample preparation.

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