5800/5800A Install Kit for Thermo 1310/1610 GCs

Install Kit for Thermo 1300/1310 GCs

Product Description

Sorbent PensTM are analyzed using the 5800 SPDU. After sample enrichment, simply insert the Sorbent PenTM into the 5800 SPDU, and press START on the 5800 SPDU Controller. The complete desorption process is performed automatically to transfer both volatile and semi-volatile compounds onto the GCMS for extremely sensitive and accurate headspace analysis. Control the desorption temperature to either limit or maximize the molecular weight range transferred onto the column. A unique desorber design utilizes a Silonite® coated flow path, allowing simple liner replacement to maintain maximum inertness for optimum long-term performance. Methods are created and stored on the same PC operating the GCMS. Develop methods using this entry level solution and then add the 7800 Autosampler when you are ready to fully automate the analysis of up to 90 Sorbent PensTM.

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