7650HS-CTS Bundle (120 Vac/60Hz)

Bundle includes:

Description Part# Qty Unit
7650HS-CTS LVSH Autosampler w/ MCCT* Technology 7650HS-CTS 1 EA
Description Part# Qty Unit
11 Position 500mL Wide-Mouth LVSH Tray HS-ST280-011 1 EA
10 Position 1L Wide-Mouth LVSH Tray HS-LT384-010 1 EA
Description Part# Qty Unit
500mL LVSH Vials (box of 12) 39-75500W 1 Box
Vial Caps for 500mL vials (high temp) 39-76850HS 12 Pk
SiloniteTM Liners for 500mL vials HS-760500 12 Pk
1L LVSH Vials (box of 12) 39-75L1W 1 Box
Vials Caps for 1L vials (high temp) 39-76894HS 12 Pk
SiloniteTM Liners for 1L vials HS-761000 12 Pk
Micro-QTTM Valve HS-LVSH-SMS 24 Pk
Description Part# Qty Unit
Mixing Oven HS-OVEN-407-1M 1 EA

Product Description

7650HS-CTS | Food & Beverage System

The most comprehensive Food & Beverage aroma analysis system available.

Study food, ingredients, and beverages in more detail than ever before!    It is no longer enough for an aroma chemist to simply determine whether an aroma compound is present. Now, it is possible to see just how much of a particular compound exists in a sample and whether its contribution to the overall headspace aroma is significant to the consumer – at specific temperatures and matrix formulations. The 7650HS-CTS with On-Column Extraction enables a sample to be equilibrated at a given temperature, while ensuring recovery of all compounds at their true headspace concentrations.  This degree of accuracy simply cannot be achieved using diffusive SPME or simple purging onto a Tenax trap.  Maximizing throughput and quantitative accuracy for headspace analysis of aroma compounds is now possible using the advanced 7650HS-CTS with On-Column Extraction. Obtain the true concentrations for the lightest to the heaviest compounds (boiling point from -50˚C to >400˚C) – including thermally labile compounds unrecoverable using Purge and Trap and Thermal Desorption techniques.

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Weight 1 lbs

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