3.2L Indoor Air Quality Test Kit

SKU: IAQ-32S-24-Kit

24 Hour Sample – 3.2L Canister

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Coated Flow Controller

1-3 cc/min

3.2L Can with coated TOV-2 Valve

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Product Description

CS1200E Indoor Air Quality Monitoring Solution

  • The industry standard for time-integrated sampling, from 1 hour to 1 month!!
  • Proven recovery of low-level TO15 compounds to sub-PPBv levels (Ap Note 2014-05)
  • Ultra-low background, allowing measurements down to 10^-6 risk factors reliably, even for compounds  requiring detection down to 2 part per trillion
  • Tool-free operation when using Micro QT Valve Option
  • Easy start/stop automation if needed with TM1200 Timer
  • Now even better with improved Silonite coating!!

Additional Information

Weight 1 lbs