100mL MiniCans™ with Micro-QT™ Valves

SKU: 29-MC100QT

100mL MiniCan with 1/4″ Micro-QT Valve

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Weight 1 lbs
Sample Container Type




Valve Option

MicroValves/Quick Connect

Valve Coating

No Coating

Gauge Option

No Gauge





Sampling Method

Vacuum Sampling

Product Description

Advanced Air Sampling with MiniCans

MiniCansTM are the next generation of air sampling canisters from Entech. Designed for tool-free operation and advanced robotic analyzers, Silonite treated MiniCans™ allow the recovery of a wider range of compounds than any other sampling canister. Like their larger 6L cousins, MiniCans™ excel at recovering compounds that are incompatible with tube sampling technology, including Siloxanes, H2S, mercaptans, formaldehyde, amines, ammonia, and many other thermally labile compounds. Despite the MiniCan’s small size, advances in GCMS sensitivity allow for detection limits that easily surpass EPA Method TO-14a and TO-15 requirements. The MiniCan’s superior analytical performance, low shipping weight, lower cost, and autosampler friendly design make it an ideal solution for advanced air monitoring applications.

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