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Entech Instruments is a leading developer and manufacturer of analytical instrumentation that supports professionals around the world in the Environmental, Industrial Hygiene, Food & Beverage, Product Testing, Forensic, and Clinical Analysis markets. We specialize in the creation of inert sample collection equipment as well as GC and GC/MS sample preparation and introduction technologies. Many of these products feature Silonite, our proprietary ceramic coating that is designed to render stainless steel tubing, canisters, and other sampling equipment as inert as a GC column. We provide our customers with complete solutions and support for “analytical grade” air monitoring products and headspace GC/MS inlet systems that can sample, store, and recover virtually all gas chromatography compatible compounds.

Over the past 3 decades, Entech has contributed more to the field of sample preconcentration than any other company. Innovations in sample preparation for GC/MS analysis include:

  • Microscale Purge & Trap
  • Extended Cold Trap Dehydration
  • Large Volume Headspace
  • Pulsed Vacuum Extraction

History of Entech


Entech Founded

Entech Instruments, Inc. started in 1989 and was the first to introduce multi-canister automation for the analysis of Environmental Air Samples collected in Tedlar® bags and SUMMA Canisters. Over the years Entech has continued to perfect the science and art of collecting, storing, and analyzing volatile and semi-volatile chemicals by GC and GCMS. At the heart of this development is Entech’s proprietary Silonite® surface treatment. Silonite™ makes our sampling devices and GCMS sample handling systems as inert as a GC column, providing better recovery of a wider range of compounds than ever before. Silonite™ can be applied to any stainless steel or glass surface, virtually eliminating the adsorption and reactions that can occur on metal and untreated glass surfaces. Entech continues to push the envelope with the introduction of new analytical techniques, such as On-Column Multi-Trapping System & V.A.S.E (Vacuum Assisted Solvent Extraction), which promise to allow food chemists and industry in general to obtain a better picture of the headspace composition of their products. Entech continues to listen to customer’s requests and recommendations, which has been important in making products that work in the real world, rather than just on test standards. Entech will continue to advance all areas of analytical chemistry involved with GCMS sample introduction, utilizing our experienced staff and analytical know-how to provide the most quantitative technology available for measurement of headspace and environmentally collected air samples.


First Product Delivery

Delivered The First Automated Air Preconcentrator For Multi-Sample Analysis (Model 2000)


First Solution for Method TO14

Introduced the first complete solution for EPA Method TO-14 SUMMA Canister Application (Analysis, Cleaning, Stds).


First combined Polar/Non-Polar

Created the first combined polar/non-polar VOC solution (Microscale Purge & Trap) a few years before EPA TO-15 was introduced.


2nd Gen Preconcentrator

Introduced Entech's 2nd Generation Preconcentrator (Model 7000) after 4 years of field data from model 2000.



Introduced complete SmartLab product line to integrate entire air analysis laboratory onto a single Windows PC.


Asia & Europe Expansion

Increased distribution network to include Asia and Europe.


7100 Preconcentrator

After 4 years of feedback from 7000, Entech implements major improvements.



Introduced first canister / large volume headspace robotic system (7524)


Introduced SmartLab 2

Integrated network based on USB communications. Updated 7100 to 7100A SL2. Updated support products to SL2 (4600A Stds prep / 3100 Can Cleaner/ 7016CA-2 Canister Autosampler).


Robotics Systems

Developed 7500/7500A/7405/7510 Robotics Systems



Introduced the 7150 Preconcentrator with ``On Column Extraction`` and multi-stage trapping system.


Expanded Operations

Purchased adjacent building to expand operations and improve canister and field sampling product manufacturing capabilities.


7200 Preconcentrator

After 14 years of feedback from 7100/7100A, the 7200 was completely redesigned using 3D modeling software and was made Win 7 compatible.


Introduced 7016D

Digitally controlled version of 6L Canister Autosampler.


Introduced Omni-Sampler / Omni Sampler Plus

Next generation Trace Headspace Analysis for Aroma, Off Flavors, Water Analysis and more.


New Applications Laboratory

Accelerated research into better solutions for current and new markets.


Major improvements for Low Level recovery

Entech develops Silonite Ultra Canisters based on advanced coatings researce. Toxic Organics Valve 2 introduced - the most inert repairable sampling valve available with significant improvements over the industry standard TOV-1